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At the last build the blacklist now contains 5139704 entries.

This is a live list taken from the category description file in the last build of the blacklist.
Category Description
abortionAbortion information excluding when related to religion
adsAdvert servers and banned URLs
adultSites containing adult material such as swearing but not porn
aggressiveSimilar to violence but more promoting than depicting
antispywareSites that remove spyware
artnudesArt sites containing artistic nudity
astrologyAstrology websites
bankingBanking websites
beerliquorinfoSites with information only on beer or liquors
beerliquorsaleSites with beer or liquors for sale
blogJournal/Diary websites
cellphonesstuff for mobile/cell phones
chatSites with chat rooms etc
childcareSites to do with childcare
cleaningSites to do with cleaning
clothingSites about and selling clothing
contraceptionInformation about contraception
culnarySites about cooking et al
datingSites about dating
desktopsilliesSites containing screen savers, backgrounds, cursers, pointers. desktop themes and similar timewasting and potentially dangerous content
dialersSites with dialers such as those for pornography or trojans
drugsDrug related sites
ecommerceSites that provide online shopping
entertainmentSites that promote movies, books, magazine, humor
filehostingSites to do with filehosting
frencheducationSites to do with french education
gamblingGambling sites including stocks and shares
gamesGame related sites
gardeningGardening sites
governmentMilitary and schools etc
gunsSites with guns
hackingHacking/cracking information
homerepairSites about home repair
hygieneSites about hygiene and other personal grooming related stuff
instantmessagingSites that contain messenger client download and web-based messaging sites
jewelrySites about and selling jewelry
jobsearchSites for finding jobs
kidstimewastingSites kids often waste time on
mailWebmail and email sites
marketingwareSites about marketing products
medicalMedical websites
mixed_adultMixed adult content sites
naturismSites that contain nude pictures and/or promote a nude lifestyle
newsNews sites
onlineauctionsOnline auctions
onlinegamesOnline gaming sites
onlinepaymentOnline payment sites
personalfinancePersonal finance sites
petsPet sites
phishingSites attempting to trick people into giving out private information.
proxySites with proxies to bypass filters
radionon-news related radio and television
religionSites promoting religion
ringtonesSites containing ring tones, games, pictures and other
searchenginesSearch engines such as google
sectSites about eligious groups
sexualitySites dedicated to sexuality, possibly including adult material but excluding educational material
sexualityeducationSites relating to educational information about sexuality.
shoppingShopping sites
socialnetworkingSocial networking websites
sportnewsSport news sites
sportsAll sport sites
spywareSites who run or have spyware software to download
updatesitesSites where software updates are downloaded from including virus sigs
vacationSites about going on holiday
violenceSites containing violence
virusinfectedSites who host virus infected files
warezSites with illegal pirate software
weatherWeather news sites and weather related
weaponsSites detailing or selling weapons
webmailJust webmail sites
whitelistContains site specifically 100% suitable for kids

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